Due to COVID, now more than ever before
are special needs sensory rooms
needed in the home.

Our team can provide a free assessment on-site at your home.



With the restrictions brought on by COVID regulation, virtual learning at home can be especially
difficult when the child has special needs. Parents of these children rely on support that comes in a
school setting that may be difficult to replicate at home. This support includes one-on-one instruction,
visual learning, and behavior support. Our teams have years of experience supporting parents.

Meltdowns can be common with children with Autism and on the Autistic Spectrum. At
school, resources are available to help children avoid meltdowns, thus avoiding violent and self-injurious
behavior. It is possible now to have equipment in your home environment for calming, relaxation, anxiety
reduction and increased focus. Contact us at Sensory Room Solutions today to find out more.