The Sensory Room Solutions team can handle everything - from start to finish -

including, design, construction, equipment, training  and staffing.


Whether you have an existing room or one to be constructed, we can help use the appropriate space you need to achieve your curriculum objectives. An average project is around $22,000,  one of our specialties is designing a complete room within your budget.


Picking the equipment is a collaboration between the school and our team based the budget and room size.


Assuring that the equipment is installed correctly is vital to it being safe, durable and matches to the manufacturers specifications.



Installations in schools and churches takes specific expertise. The team works closely with the customer in correctly prepping the room prior to installation including electrical and construction needs.

When the equipment arrives, each piece requires assembly and wall attachments that are very specific to each piece. When pieces are missing or malfunctioning, The Sensory Room Solutions team can identify the problem immediately and has direct relationships with the vendors to address the problems.


Proper use of the equipment assures the safe and therapeutic goals associated with the room. Improper use can cause it to malfunction. We train your staff in the appropriate use of the equipment to ensure maximum results.

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